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Your voice and work are important.

“I’ve noticed that work often echoes tidbits of our personal identity or desires we wish to fulfill. Provision seems only to be the foundation.

For some, work is a way to lift themselves or their families out of poverty. For others, it’s about building wealth, status, or legacy. For some, work is about proof: proof of competence, ability, intelligence, worth, equality. For others, work spearheads change: change in lifestyle, change in our families, change in our local communities, change globally, change in our systems, secular and sacred.

For others, work spearheads change: change in lifestyle, change in our families, change in our local communities, change globally, change in our systems, secular and sacred.

For some, work is creativity on display, whether as a writer, artist, or performer. They want to tell nuanced stories and give ideas life through clay, song, or ink. For others, work is about searching out this world, every atom and organism, every motive and action, every algorithm and hypothesis to gain further insight into how we as humans interact with the world, to encourage innovation and explore possibilities.

Excerpt from Am I a Workaholic? by Chris-Ann Manning-Forde, Director of Research and Program Development.

We asked our clients why they chose to work with us. Here’s what they said about their experience:

“I appreciated how encouraging Chris-Ann is during the resume editing process, and her uncanny ability to harness and present my skills in a way I haven’t been able to.”

RaeChelle-Faith H.: Communications, Public Policy & Government Relations.

“I needed help with the structure, the wording of my sentences, and the overall look of my resume. It was really disorganized and didn’t look appealing. Chris-Ann helped my cover letter flow, taught me to tailor my resume and cover letter to best suit each job and their requirements. I received so many interview offers from various nursing jobs and I believe it’s because of how appealing my resume looked.”

Eugenia B.: Healthcare.

“I was experiencing anxiety at the thought of going through the job search and hiring process once again. This was especially so because I was making a move from business development to community development, a brand new field. Chris-Ann noticed that and helped me by allowing me to be majority hands off, while she did the very diligent work of learning about the job description, learning about my skill set, observing past resumes, and then creating a new resume that was fit to task. Without Chris-Ann’s efforts I would have taken much longer to start job hunting again. Her support was invaluable in my time of need. I would highly recommend her service, especially to those who feel stuck and need a push.”

Kurtis V.: Public Policy and Community Relations.

“Chris-Ann is very detailed oriented and
specific in what she is helping you with. I’ve gotten a job with the resume they guided me with, I won scholarships for college and I’m currently learning how to write a business plan, something I never thought I would ever write.”

Trevaun D.: Community Engagement, Health & Fitness.

“I really enjoyed the one-on-one consultations that helped me target aspects of my life I should focus on. I feel like without them, I wouldn’t be going into university as confident as I am.”

Akilah L.: Biochemistry.

“What I like most about working with Chris-Ann is that she puts 100% into ensuring your product is truly a finished one. She’s thorough, timely and tactical when it comes to tackling the issues you are facing and resolves herself to making sure the end goals are met.The help and support are, without question, high-calibre and have never let me down. I got 4 back-to-back job interviews. I’m still holding on to the resume that helped me successfully land a new career.”

Ricardo R.: Training & Customer Experience Management.

“Thank you Chris-Ann Manning-Forde for your excellent work copy and content editing this project. You are a gift…”

Toyin C.: Author, Money Mindset Shift. Church Edition: The Top 9 Myths That Keep Christians Stuck Financially and How To Get Unstuck, Live Debt Free and Build Wealth!

“I was looking for work and felt discouraged after not receiving many callbacks. Chris-Ann looked at each section of my resume and provided honest and helpful feedback. I currently have a new job and feel more confident in how my resume represents me.”

Libby R.: Community Healthcare.

“I hadn’t done my resume in some time. It was something that always made me nervous and overwhelmed  and I felt like I didn’t know where to start. Chris-Ann was so easy to talk to and reassured me that with some direction the process wouldn’t feel so daunting. She evaluated my resume and directed me in how to best edit my resume so that it was a clear and concise representation of me. Further, she gave me pointers as to how to edit my resume so that it stood out among the rest. I applied to a number of different positions with the same format and was called within a few days for an interview. I am so thankful to have the professional support.”

Merit S.: Police Services & Education.

“After working with Chris-Ann continually over the past 3 years, I was able to get into the field of work that I wanted and doubled my income in under 3 years. Chris-Ann looks at the job application as though she were applying for the position herself. Her attention to detail makes you realize that she cares more for your success than even you do.”

Rohan F.: Financial Risk Management & Operations.

“Chris-Ann asks thoughtful questions to gain a deeper understanding of you as a person and of the opportunity you are pursuing. She is skilled at helping people through their thought processes and telling you the truth…she is meticulous and hardworking; she paid close attention to detail and was able to catch mistakes that I wasn’t aware of.”

Melanie M.: Healthcare.


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